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Interactive media.  Interactive media? 

Participatory.  Connective. Calling for and responding to inputs.  Communication channels.  Platforms.  Mechanisms for storing and transmitting information.  Video games.  VIDEO GAMES!  Virtual Worlds.  Virtual Reality.  Wikis.  Social Networks.  Chat Clients.  Mirror Worlds.  Augmented Reality.  Lifelogs.

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Interactive media technologies allow for conservations across space and time -- conversations between users, conversations between designers and players, conversations between anyone else. 

On this website, the conversation is to take place between all of us.  In some places, like the information section, we do most of the talking.  Everywhere else though, we desperately want to hear your voice.  Comment on everything.  Post in the forums and on HIMG-Discuss.  Email/call/txt/Fax/IM/IRC/SL/whatever-else us. 

The content of the site -- blog posts and event listings -- will be drawn from the community.  Our aim is to create a conversation between those at Harvard, those in Boston, and those throughout the world who are interested in interactive media.  We want to become, as a resource, an interactive medium of the interactive-media community.

Founded in the Fall of 2006, The Harvard Interactive Media Group is an official student organization of Harvard College


Information and updates on each of the HIMGs four main projects 

  1. HIMBlog -- our blog proper, featuring articles from officers, guest authors, and community members on a variety of interactive media topics

  2. Announcements -- announcements of major HIMG and HIMG-endorsed projects and events (information about other interactive media projects and events can be found on the calendar page and in the forum)

  3. Bulletin Board -- our listing of cool interactive media content (games, articles, videos, songs, images...etc.) from around the web


Information about our group and our area of study 

  1. About Interactive Media -- our conception of interactive media and our belief in video games as one of its exceptional forms

  2. About the HIMG -- an overview of our organization; its mission, its history, its perceived value

  3. Resources -- a directory of individuals, programs, and references related to interactive media topics

  4. FAQ -- common questions about interactive media and about our group


Information and updates on each of the HIMGs four main projects 

  1. the HIMR -- our bi-annual interactive media journal

  2. the HIMC -- our interactive media panel/forum series

  3. the DevGroup -- our game development group

  4. the HGI -- our on-campus gaming initiative, offering video-game resources and events to students at Harvard and in the area


Join the HIMG community, participating online or in person 

  1. Membership -- become a member of the HIMG.  Enables you to participate in the forum and the HIMG-discuss/announce lists, as well as to receive access and discounts at our various events

  2. Sponsorship -- make a donation to the HIMG and/or find out about our current sponsors

  3. Events -- listing of interactive media events in the Boston area and beyond (both HIMG and non-HIMG)

  4. Forum -- the place to talk about anything and everything gaming and interactive media